“PHP5 and MySQL Bible” is the book I used when I got started with PHP. For copyright reasons I’ve made private the posts which rely too heavily on this book.

me on island

I, Sameh R. Labib, studied Computer Science in college; However, this has not been my profession. Eventually, I did teach myself LINUX, HTML, PHP, and MySQL — No javaScript yet. And, I was able to build a web application for myself using these technologies. It was challenging. However, I trust that these and other Open Source web technologies are the future for people who want to build their own software—or at least know what’s going on in their software.

People always ask: Why don’t you just use the software that’s out there? Well! that question frustrates me. And I should respond by saying that I have a strong belief that custom affordable software is the way to go.

Now here’s my reason. When I was in college I saw other computer science students accomplish otherwise tedious tasks using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS.) They were doing this without the teacher asking them to do it. At first I thought they were just being too lazy or obsessive. But later I came to the realization they were being smart.

Isn’t doing tedious repetitive tasks one of the most important things computer software can do for us?

In my blog I’ve documented some of my programming knowledge and I invite like minded people to join in my endeavors.




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