Capture PHP Output and Assign It to a Variable

The CodeIgniter Exceptions.php script has the perfect example of capturing PHP output and storing it in a variable using output buffering.

The following is one of the methods of the CI_Exceptions class:

	 * General Error Page
	 * This function takes an error message as input
	 * (either as a string or an array) and displays
	 * it using the specified template.
	 * @access	private
	 * @param	string	the heading
	 * @param	string	the message
	 * @param	string	the template name
	 * @param 	int		the status code
	 * @return	string
	function show_error($heading, $message, $template = 'error_general', $status_code = 500)

		$message = '<p>'.implode('</p><p>', ( ! is_array($message)) ? array($message) : $message).'</p>';

		if (ob_get_level() > $this->ob_level + 1)
		$buffer = ob_get_contents();
		return $buffer;

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