Short Description of Buzzword CodeIgniter Concepts


This post (after I’ve completed writing it) will list and describe the buzzword CodeIgniter concepts. Let’s take hooks for example. I generally know what programming hooks are. But what are hooks in the context of CodeIgniter?

It will take me some time to complete this post; because, I’m writing it as I work my way through the User Guide.

Simple Class Name

This is a term I coined. It means the class name without the prefix. In other words it is the name of the library associated with the class.

Classes can be extended. And, when they are, the extended class is the one which is instantiated when we say the library has been loaded. So, that’s why it’s better to have a name which can apply to the library which suits either the base class or its extended counterpart.

Front Controller

The index.php at the DocumentRoot of the CodeIgniter installation is the front controller.


Allow the developer to mark points in time during code execution and get the elapsed time between them. Also, facilitates the display of memory usage.

These marked points are called markers.

Some markers are generated automatically by CI.

Common Functions

The User Guide says:

CodeIgniter uses a few functions for its operation that are globally defined, and are available to you at any point. These do not require loading any libraries or helpers.

Helper Functions

Helper functions are similar to common functions—except their files have to be manually loaded.


Libraries are classes which can be loaded into CodeIgniter.


A driver is a special type of Library that has a parent class and any number of potential child classes.

Drivers are found in the system/libraries folder, in their own folder which is identically named to the parent library class. Also inside that folder is a subfolder named drivers, which contains all of the possible child class files. NOTE: standard libraries (the ones which are not associated with drivers) are simply files in the system/libraries folder.


Allow the developer to have custom code execute at particular hook points.

Class Extensions

Active Record


Data Encryption

Full Page Caching

Application Profiling

Trackback Class

XML-RPC Library

Unit Testing Class




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