Processing Output from a CI Controller

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From the CI UG.

CodeIgniter has an output class that takes care of sending your final rendered data to the web browser automatically. More information on this can be found in the Views and Output class pages. In some cases, however, you might want to post-process the finalized data in some way and send it to the browser yourself. CodeIgniter permits you to add a function named _output() to your controller that will receive the finalized output data.

If your controller contains a function named _output(), it will always be called by the output class instead of echoing the finalized data directly. The first parameter of the function will contain the finalized output.

Here is an example:

public function _output($output)
    echo $output;

Please note that your _output() function will receive the data in its finalized state. Benchmark and memory usage data will be rendered, cache files written (if you have caching enabled), and headers will be sent (if you use that feature) before it is handed off to the _output() function.

To have your controller’s output cached properly, its _output() method can use:

if ($this->output->cache_expiration > 0)

If you are using this feature the page execution timer and memory usage stats might not be perfectly accurate since they will not take into account any further processing you do. For an alternate way to control output before any of the final processing is done, please see the available methods in the Output Class.


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