Fresh Start with CodeIgniter

After giving up on learning MVC from a book about PHP I decided to learn/use CodeIgniter.

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Sources of Information

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It’s better to start learning CI by reading its User Guide (instead of a book) since its examples will actually work—because they were written for the installed version of CI.

Here is a link to the User Guide for the current version (was Version 2.1.0 the 1st time I wrote this post—but this link will point to the current online UG) of CI: CodeIgniter Users Guide. There is a local copy—which is part of the install at:


If I upgrade CI this URL may or may not change.

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The Install

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Downloade file:

I un-zipped this file into my Mac’s samehlabib Sites directory. This Sites directory is the web-root for my Apache. The correlating URL for the latter is:


Cross Reference:
Moving my Mac OS X Sites Directory to Dropbox
Configure My Systems

Since the CI application has its index.php at the top directory of the install—and, since I didn’t strip away the top directory—the URL for my installation is:


Although index.php for the main CI app is here the rest of the code for my application (the code I create and modify) goes in directories two levels lower. The code will be in files found in sub-directories of http://sameh-labibs-imac.local/CodeIgniter_2.1.0/application/.


I made a change in the file config.php:


I specified the base URL as follows:

$config['base_url'] = 'http://sameh-labibs-imac.local/CodeIgniter_2.1.0/';

Also, the manual says:

If you intend to use encryption or sessions, set your encryption key.

I intend to use sessions—and possibly encryption; However, I’ll wait on setting the encryption key.

Also, the manual says:

If you intend to use a database, open the application/config/database.php file with a text editor and set your database settings.

So, I took care of this using the database settings which I have documented elsewhere. However, I wasn’t sure about two of the settings. Here is how I filled the latter out:

$db['default']['database'] = 'samehrlabib_aTestMyLAMP';
$db['default']['dbprefix'] = '';

Maybe I should of had them as:

$db['default']['database'] = 'aTestMyLAMP';
$db['default']['dbprefix'] = 'samehrlabib_';

Either way I don’t think it makes a difference in my current situation.


When I load the CI app URL I see a welcome page which tells me the page is being generated dynamically by CodeIgniter; and, if I would like to edit this page I’ll do that at:


or, the corresponding controller at:


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