Example drop down box selection for data set

Example A

function selectBox($vehicle_in) {
This function takes a two dimensional array of vehicle information and
returns a selection box for a form. Each selection will return a vehicle
id value. The corresponding thing which the user will click on will be a
string containing both the id and the knownAs. The structure and content
of $vehicle_in array is described in function selectVehicle() above.

If $vehicle_in array is empty or unavailable the script will die.

  if (!isset($vehicle_in) OR !is_array($vehicle_in) OR sizeof($vehicle_in) < 1) {
    die("Function failed to create select box because no array was passed.");

  Here is a sample code for a select box on my site.

    <label for="user_type">Which best describes you?</label>
    <select name="user_type" id="user_type">
      <option value ="1">Owner Administarator of this Website</option>
      <option value ="2">Driver or Assistant for MD HC Public Schools</option>
      <option value ="3">Driver for SAMEH R LABIB, LLC</option>

  $selectB_str = "\n<div>\n  <label for=\"vehicleId\" class=\"fixedwidth\">Which one?</label>\n" .
      "  <select name=\"vehicleId\" id=\"vehicleId\">\n";

  Here is the loop that builds the main body of the select box.
  while ($array_cell = each($vehicle_in))
    $temp_1 = $array_cell['value'][0];
    $temp_2 = $array_cell['value'][1];
    $selectB_str .=
    "    <option value=\"$temp_1\">$temp_1 $temp_2</option>\n";

  $selectB_str .= "  </select>\n</div>\n\n";
  return $selectB_str;

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