Complete Cloud OS

Complete Cloud OS refers to software that hides the complexity of the cloud from the user—Just as an OS hides the complexity of a computer’s hardware from its user.

Cloud Foundry sponsored by VMware is the leader in this technology as of January 8, 2012.

AppFog is a leading PaaS which uses Cloud Foundry. AppFog helped pioneer the PHP PaaS—as they were called PHP Fog at first.

PaaS has the potential to provide the optimal experience for a web developer.

Heroku is a very simple service that is basically a Git repository that will deploy your code once you push to it and automatically handle any dependencies you might have such…read more.

Version Control has come a long way in the last few years and adoption of Git in the CodeIgniter community has meant that all my projects now use it…read more.

PaaS services such as PHP Fog and Pagoda Box take care of all of this for you. Create your application and they give you a Git remote to push to…read more.

but AppFog is unique because it leverages the open-source Cloud Foundry code as its core…read more. Going forward, AppFog can ride Cloud Foundry’s development wave, while focusing its own efforts on building the best user experience.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the future of the Cloud!…read more.

Pagoda Box is like AppFog.

The Zend Developer Cloud is a compelling option for PHP developers.

Insightful info. found in post: PHP Fog and The Smithsonian It included:

What’s more is that PHPFog, being built on EC2 was fairly extensible. If I wanted to, I could easily add an ElastiCache server, or my own dedicated RDS server. Basically, through setting up security groups which allow communication to PHPFog’s instances, I am able to connect to just about anything that Amazon AWS has to offer.


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