site v2 table dumps

Here is the table dump feature I want my site’s apps to have:

  • Dump changed tables into files on the server’s file system right after changes are made.
  • Distribute dump files into the directory in such a way that the time of the dump will be known from the URI.
  • Distribute dump files in such a way that no one directory grows too large.
  • File dump time will be the UTC+0 UNIX Time (same value as a timestamp).
  • Make sure I’ll have enough information to accurately recreate the database at any point in time.
  • Have an app or memorandum instructing me on how to recreate the database.
  • Email a copy of the dump file to me every time one is created.

What if I end up using PHP Fog or similar cloud hosting?

  • Each app already has master and slave databases.
  • I still want a CVS style backup of the database tables.
    • Do what I said I’ll do above.
    • Maintain these table files as part of the Git repository.

Caution: Let’s say I do some development at my workstation. And then I merge that repository with production. Maybe the files for the database tables will get erased. I’ll need to make sure that doesn’t happen.


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