math constants

The general naming scheme is M_. In cases where the constant is a ratio (x/y), the name is M_X_Y, and in cases where there is an operation on a number, the name is M_OPERNUM (for example, M_SQRT2).

Mathematical Constants
Constant Description
M_PI_2 pi/2
M_PI_4 pi/4
M_1_PI 1/pi
M_2_PI 2/pi
M_2_SQRTPI 2/sqrt(pi)
M_E the constant e
M_SQRT2 sqrt(2)
M_SQRT1_2 1/sqrt(2)
M_LOG2E log base 2 of e
M_LOG10E log base 10 of e
M_LN2 log base e of 2
M_LN10 log base e of 10

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