while And each

each(), is similar to next() but returns false only after it has run out of array to traverse. each() returns an array, which holds keys and values for the key/value pair it is pointing to. The array that each() returns has four key/value pairs:

  • Key: 0
    Value: current-key
  • Key: 1
    Value: current-value
  • Key: ‘key’
    Value: current-key
  • Key: ‘value’
    Value: current-value

For the return value of each() the following example uses the keys ‘key’ and ‘value’. The example does not use the keys 0 and 1.

function print_key_and_value($city_array) {
reliably prints everything in array
  while ($array_cell = each($city_array)) {
    $current_value = $array_cell['value'];
    $current_key = $array_cell['key'];
    print("Key: $current_key; Value: $current_value<br />");



Key: 0; Value: Caracas
Key: Caracas; Value: Venezuela
Key: 1; Value: Paris
Key: Paris; Value: France
Key: 2; Value: Tokyo
Key: Tokyo; Value: Japan

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