Fork-in-the-Road: A Two Site Solution

Based on Sherif’s advice, I will maintain two websites. One is this one; And, the other is the one I’ve been coding all along. is well suited for editing and managing documents. And, is well suited for PHP Web forms which interact with MySQL. I’ll be using the for documentation. And, will be a functioning system for SAMEH R LABIB, LLC’s bookkeeping .

My current task will be to transfer documentation from to this site. Some day I may pick up where I left off. I was writing code for’s XHTML document editor. I had flowcharts, Yahoo! notepad documents, and a partially completed PHP script. Also I had some reminders on my desk:

  • Test & debug.
  • Move on.
  • When processing the L1 edit form I need to assign $category based on $task since there are two possible values for $category.
  • When processing the L1 edit form I need to kill the script if I receive a request to delete on last child.
  • Release any SESSION variables which are no longer needed so there will be no memory shortage.
  • Document in the detailed flowchart all progress ion writing the code.
  • Put code that locks the user out if he/she clicks save to server or reload too many times in a specified amount of time similar to my login script.

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