Should I use,, or my own code to run a web application for my business?

Background Info.

With I can’t:

  • run custom themes
  • hack the PHP
  • upload plugins

“I can’t use forms and data processing for my web applications.”

According to Automattic (owners of, this won’t be a problem if I get the “VIP program on”. However, it is not affordable to just about everybody; and, having forms and data processing in a meaningful way is not possible with a non-VIP account.

With the cons are:

  • I’ll be responsible for hosting and upgrading the install
  • I’ll be responsible for spam protection, security, and backups
  • It will be a steep learning curve learning how to bend the code to my will.

My Conclusion

“Use for blogging and learning how user interfaces work. And, use my own code for creating custom web applications at my own webhost.”

My message to you

“If you can tell me something useful on this subject please do so. Otherwise, if you’d like to collaborate with me on the code for web applications then let me know. I have a description of what I’ve achieved so far on my page.”


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One Response to Should I use,, or my own code to run a web application for my business?

  1. sherif says:

    Hi Sameh
    Wordpress evolved into more than just a blog, so if you want to use a custom web app, you might be able to do so with wordpress too.
    Another option you can use it as a blog for your company, by creating a template that matches your company’s website.


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